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Put Laura in the Hall!

Look out Cleveland, Laura's coming through....

Look out Cleveland, Laura's coming through....

First the Berlin Wall fell …. then a black man was elected President of the United States … and now this: Laura Nyro is a finalist for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame!

People have asked me how we can help promote her election, and I have no idea other than to track down the 500 writers who vote on this. But I assume that information is very proprietary. Ask all your friends, though:  Maybe someone knows a voter!

I visited the Hall in Cleveland 7 years ago when I was on my Laura Nyro book tour. I had already stopped in St. Louis (thank you Jodie Serkes and the duo Jasmine) and Chicago (thank you Jane Conron); then I hitched a ride with Laura’s cousin Dan Nigro to Philadelphia (thank you Linda Johnson). We stopped in Cleveland on the way, and what I remember most about that day at the edge of Lake Erie was how many bugs swarmed over Danny’s car. ( I think they were mayflies.) If Laura gets in, obviously we’re going to have to make the pilgrimage again.

And if she wins, I’ll  move heaven and earth to be at the induction (any guess  who will induct her? I’ll put a bet on Elton John; my theory is that his paean to Nyro on Elvis Costello’s Spectacle show really woke up the Hall to its shocking oversight of such a trailblazing artist). I was lucky enough to have a friend in high places in New York who got me a ticket to the induction ceremony the year Dusty Springfield was recognized, and it was an awesome evening: Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, Paul McCartney….

Aren’t my fellow Laura fans just thrilled? And when you tell any voters you can find to mark Nyro on their ballot, suggest they vote for Darlene Love as well!

(Bonus question: What song am I referencing in my caption on the photo above?)


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